COVID-19 has changed the world and our way of life overnight. And in these uncertain times, it is even more important for businesses like ours to ensure safety of our staff and customers.


As we strive to help in protecting both our customers and team members, we are following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO). As such, we have taken a variety of actions, including:

For Team Members

  • We have educated our team about the virus.

  • We have stressed the importance of more frequent hand washing and maintaining good hygiene practices in the handling of food and products.

  • Gloves and masks are being used at all times during working hours.

  • Any team member who reports or displays flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay home and to see a doctor immediately.

Food Handling & Food Packaging

  • Our products are being sourced from local distributors who apply the same safety rules applied to our team members. This includes

    • wearing gloves & masks;

    • ensuring that cleaning is in line with proper food hygiene practice.

  • Our groceries are being outsourced from several distributors who are also ensuring safe and hygienic practices.


  • We have put in place a zero contact delivery system - this means that during delivery there is no handling of money nor physical interaction between our drivers, helpers and customers