The Kotex® Ultra Thin pad offers you discretion and 3-in-1 benefits: Protection against leakage, maximum comfort and a perfect fit with your body. Designed with an innovative core for instant absorption and protection against leakage. The Kotex® Maxi pad is a thicker pad to give you extra reassurance and the peace of mind during that time of the month. The Kotex Tampons have a unique blue ultra absorbent zone for extra leakage protection, so you never have to worry about accidents. With colourful wrappers, they will brighten your mood during that time of the month. The new innovative liner is designed to be worn with both normal panties and G-Strings. Individually folded and wrapped for convenience and hygiene, this liner features gorgeous, stylish designs to instantly uplift your mood.

Kotex Ultra Thin Normal + Wings ( X8)

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