The Pebeo 4Artist Marker line offers bright, highly pigmented oil colors with a high gloss finish and a paint-like texture in a marker. These artist-grade markers apply smoothly and dry quickly to a homogeneous, scratch-free finish. Just like oil paints, both wet and dry colors can be reworked using 4Artist Marker Odorless Medium to create an array of shades, color gradients and fading effects on most surfaces. Permanent and lightfast, they are ideal for drawing, outlining, filling in large areas, glazing, mixed media, and more. Comes in 18 opaque colors. This Set of 10 Assorted Markers contains 10 colors in the 4 mm tip: White, Yellow, Red, Pink, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Brown, Grey, Black. AP certified.

Pebeo 4Artist Marker Set, 10 x 4mm

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